A Full-Cycle Job Application App, from Screening
to Offer Acceptance, Connecting Employers
and Job Seekers Seamlessly.

Explore Jobs and Job Seekers

Job Seekers will explore job openings that match their skills. Employers will explore job seekers with the required skills. Employers can choose to offer the job seekers or pass, and job seekers can accept the job opening or pass it, by simply swiping the card.

Schedule and Conduct Interviews

Employers will schedule interviews with shortlisted job seekers. Apply Up allows in-app interviews via audio and video, letting employers and job seekers choose a convenient time and mode of interview. Job Seekers and employers can request to reschedule the interview with mutual consent.

Employers Offer – Job Seekers Accept or Reject

After the interviews, employers will make offers to shortlisted job seekers, with complete job details. Job Seekers may choose to accept or reject offers. Employers and job seekers can accept multiple job seekers and jobs at any point, respectively.

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