Apply Up

Apply Up is a complete recruitment management system, connecting employers and job seekers to find the perfect match of skillsets. It revolutionizes the traditional recruitment process, enabling employers and job seekers to experience in-app screening and hiring. The platform matches the required skills of the job vacancy with the skills possessed by the job seeker. The result is a true HR goal; hiring the right person for the right job!

Employers will screen through various job seekers that match the requirements, download resumes, shortlist job seekers, conduct audio or video interviews, float job offers, and hire the best job seeker!

Job Seekers will explore different jobs that best match with their skillset, apply for jobs, schedule and reschedule interviews, give audio or video interviews, respond to job offers, and get hired for the best job role!

The platform is a one-stop solution for employers and job seekers, offering a unique recruitment experience, all via the app!


Remote Hiring

Connecting employers and job seekers from across the globe.

Best Employer-Job Seeker Match

Matching skillsets of employers and job seekers from the right fit.

Profile Boost

Boost your profile and increase visibility on the platform.

In-App Interviews

Hassle-free in-app audio and video interviews.

Top Employers On-Board

Startups and enterprises recruiting job seekers on Apply Up.

Swipe to Apply

Simply swipe right to apply or left to pass.


CEO Message

Apply Up revolutionizes the entire hiring process from start to finish. Apply Up brings employers and job seekers together to efficiently connect, by algorithmically matching their compatibility to one another. Our goal is to provide an effective and unique career matching experience that includes in-app solutions that will perfect all employment decisions.

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