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5 Innovative Recruitment Methods Used by Leading Organizations

By January 10, 2020 February 19th, 2020 No Comments

Recruiting the right talent in the organization is integral for its success, but finding competent employees is a major challenge. Going through endless resumes, matching them to the job requirements, and trying to find the most suitable candidate is a real challenge, especially when done manually.

The traditional hiring processes have now forced human resource managers to innovate recruitment processes, using different innovative strategies. The journey towards automated, tech-driven recruitment has officially begun.

Since the inception of artificial intelligence, organizations have started automating their processes and shifted to tech-driven recruitment methods. Incorporating such powerful technology in the hiring process is a brilliant recruitment idea.

Have a look at some of the tried and tested ways to innovate the recruitment process.

Post Attractive and Inclusive Job Advertisements

Your job post builds the first impression and instantly speaks of your values and positioning. Get creative with the job posts, and don’t be afraid of adding some fun elements. Your post should either include complete job details or create some curiosity to guide candidates to your website.

Also, make sure that your job is inclusive and does not ignore any group, gender, ethnicity, or race. Be mindful of the text and ensure that it does not exclude anyone from the target applicants. Avoid ‘male candidates preferred’ or any other gender-biased, race-biased content.

Copywriting that promotes diversity recruiting is an excellent recruitment idea that optimizes the efficacy and reach of your job ads.

Make Use of Social Media

As millennials and Gen Z are leading the workforce, job seekers are actively utilizing social media for candidate hunting. Using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter is common among recruiters.

Social media allows recruiters to know more about potential candidates that their resume. Candidates’ profiles speak of their interests, opinions, and potential work-related behaviors. Recruiters can quickly find candidates that match the required skillsets as well as align with the overall organizational culture.

Hop on the latest recruitment method and exploit social media to find the right candidate!

Download a Recruitment App

Among unique recruitment ideas are downloading a recruitment app that connects employers and candidates. Such platforms are well-versed in innovative recruiting strategies and know the art of attracting the right candidates. The platforms use unique algorithms and match you with candidates that possess the same skills that are required for the job vacancy.

Also, these recruitment platforms have a rich pool of talented candidates. The recruitment method saves you the trouble of advertising the job vacancy, reviewing hundreds of resumes, and screening through a bunch of relevant and irrelevant candidates. Instead, you are connected to relevant candidates right away.

Look for Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are a hidden treasure. Passive candidates are not planning to switch their jobs but would avail the right opportunity if given.

Thanks to social media, it has become quite easy to get in touch with these individuals. Recruiters leverage their professional networks and build relationships with such candidates who are competent but inactive to backfill future openings.

For instance, connecting with individuals over LinkedIn will position your company at the top of an applicant’s mind when they look for a new job in the future.

Explore the Possibilities of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is now used in almost all business domains, especially in HR-related activities. Virtual reality assists in breaking down the topographical constraints by given an in-office experience to geographically dispersed potential candidates. Organizations are introducing virtual tours of their offices during the screening processes to attract the candidates.

Virtual reality allows organizations to conduct basic training and general aptitudes. Additionally, AR and VR can be used for conducting psychometric tests, helping recruiters by including gamification in recruitment processes.

These are some recruitment ideas used by leading organizations to hire the best-fit candidates.

We hope these tips will assist you in finding your next star employee!

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