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How to Recognize Your Job Strengths to Make a Career Change?

By January 14, 2020 February 19th, 2020 No Comments
How to Recognize Your Job Strengths for a Career Change?

Changing careers takes in a lot of thought. I won’t say it is an easy decision to make, but some research can bring you closer to your dream job.

When thinking about changing careers, you must analyze your strengths and skills and look for jobs that value those strengths.

But, identifying those strengths is challenging. Even professionals find it challenging to identify the skills that led to their skills. The article lists down some tips and tricks to find your job strengths and change your careers smoothly.

What are You Good at?

There are different sources to help determine your strengths, for instance, a performance review. Performance reviews are a great way to understand your skill set and strengths. It highlights your strengths and weaknesses and points in the right direction. Review the skills that you get most appreciated for.

Your colleagues and coworkers are also a great source to find your job strengths. Think about the recent times your coworkers asked for your help. What it was about, or why did they think you would be the go-to person for the problem.

Training sessions are a good way of identifying strengths. Think of the previous training sessions you offered. What did you enjoy teaching the most? What did you absolutely dread teaching?

What Do You Enjoy Doing the Most?

Exploring and choosing what makes you happy is a strong indication of where your strengths lie. People usually enjoy doing things in which they excel. So, determining the things you look forward to will take you in the right direction.

Review previous projects and tasks to determine your strengths amongst all of them. Looking over these strengths will help individuals realize what motivates them. It will assist them in gaining a clear understanding of their preferred career.

Choosing the work one loves is a driver of growth in itself. Successful people are the ones who decide to pursue the career they are passionate about; it is what makes them successful.

Which Strengths are Most Important for the New Job Role?

You have identified your strengths, and the list must be long if you did yourself justice. Now focus on the strengths that matter for the career switch. It will significantly vary between your current career and the one you wish to choose.

Out of the identified skills, you can easily find common transferable skills, including:

  • Organizational Management
  • Teamwork: your ability to work with a diverse or cross-functional workforce
  • Leadership: How well can you guide and direct people you work with
  • Communication Ability: listening, writing and verbal skills
  • Trainability: The capacity to understand and implement feedback is a pointer of an effective career switch aspirant.

Many other skills are considered universal and are required for multiple job roles. Identifying these skills will provide insights regarding the skills necessary for a career change. To give yourself a push-start, focus on the key transferable skills you have, and polish them.

Do You Need to Polish Your Skills First?

Your strengths may also need some polishing before switching careers. Further education and learning can play a significant role in boosting your core skills to make that career switch. Don’t hesitate to take some courses and training sessions before switching. Multiple certifications and diplomas can help in achieving your career objectives.

Having said that, I recommend that you go ahead and choose a new career if you want to. It’s never too late to start doing something you love or have always wanted to. There are endless opportunities out there waiting for you!

Good luck with your career change!

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