HR Strategies to Manage Stress

Employees are the spine of the company and their performance is what determines the output of an organization. Their stress is a big concern for the management and HR department. The workplace stress affects the health of a person in several ways such as anxiety, chronic health problems, and burnout. It also impacts their performance. Some stress is good as it maintains the work pressure to meet the deadlines on time and challenges employees. But an excessive amount of stress can lead to low performance and anxiety.

Stress is a serious concern when it comes to the workplace. Some people are good at dealing with stress but some are unable to deal with it and find it mental torture. Workplace stress can hit anyone in their whole work life. At times, people are assigned work out of their comfort zone which leads to anxiety and stress. Lack of management support, poor workplace relationships, unproductivity or organizational change also contribute to stress.

Stress leads to interpersonal conflicts, mood swings, fatigue, job dissatisfaction, disengagement, or conflicts with bosses. More than half of people find their jobs stressful. It is a responsibility of the HR managers to make the strategies to keep the environment fresh and stress-free for employees.

Here are some of the ways to help you control the stress in the workplace and create a healthy and balanced workplace.

Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

Encourage a healthy work-balance by offering the employees a flexible work arrangement, for example, video conferences or telecommuting, part-time jobs, flexible hours, or job-sharing. Accommodate people who are managing studies with work or have family commitments or issues.  A flexible work arrangement provides a way for a company to enhance the employee’s loyalty. It leaves a positive impact on the employee’s productivity and fosters employee satisfaction.

Make the employees that their problems are understood and cared for by the company.

Have an Empathy Approach

Employees cannot always be on their best behaviors, moods, or performance. They may struggle to perform some days or may not feel as energetic and ambitious. This may happen due to low self-esteem, health issues, family problems, or more.

Being aggressive is not a solution, nor is questioning. Instead, talk to them and understand what they are going through. Try to find the root cause of the issue and make sure to help them by giving them space. In this way, the HR department will also be able to create empathy with the employee and could understand their issues.

Include Recreational Activities

It is one of the best strategies to deal with employees’ stress. Fun activities can increase job satisfaction and enhance productivity, as well. It builds trust, improves communication, and promotes creativity. It also helps in making a strong bond with other employees. Fun activities keep the environment healthy and also let the employees enjoy their work. Take time to celebrate achievements and keep employees engaged with activities apart from their regular work.

Offer Daycare Services

Often children-related issues are the main reason for absenteeism, as this creates an endless cycle of stress in an employee’s life. Providing them daycare services can improve their morale and ensure that their mind is not constantly worrying about the kids at home.

It helps them to be more productive as parents are not worried about their children’s safety during work. Also, employees will be less likely to leave the job as the company will be offering incredible benefits. It helps in maintaining work-life balance.

Address Problems Right Away

Conflicts can occur in any firm when employees of different backgrounds work together. There will be many situations where employees have an issue with the company or with any of their colleagues. This can lead to aggression, bullying, and other unfavorable situations.

It can also affect the environment of the company and create toxicity. HR must know the consequences and solve such issues in time or should take relevant action in this regard, so the environment of the company is not affected.

Encourage Open Communication

Create an environment where people feel comfortable talking about their problems. Talk with employees to know if they have any issues with work or the company. Employees feel motivated to work better and leads to a good relationship with the employees. Employees will be more relaxed at work knowing that their co-workers are trustworthy. Effective communication can promote team building and reduces unnecessary competition among employees.

Motivate and Reward Employees

Motivation is highly important to reduce work stress and keeps the employees motivated towards the work. Motivation can lead to increased productivity and help in achieving a higher level of positive output. Employee reward is a significant part of retention and recognition strategies are meaningful for employees. It shows respect and appreciation for their efforts and encourages them to keep going. It is also a way to retain or attract young workers.

Be Proactive with Planning

Plan everything before a day to keep the employees involved in different activities. New initiatives let employees organize their workflow and prepare them for upcoming challenges. Think about the possible scenarios to be ahead of the due dates. HR team must stay connected to the latest trends and emerging problems of the organization.

Moreover, educate the senior leaders to cater to the employees’ issues and arrange the workshops or small sessions for awareness. It will help reduce stress.

Providing Medical Facilities

Companies need to provide medical facilities to the employees and their immediate families. Providing them required sickness, maternity or paternity leaves build the employees’ trust and company’s reputation. It is a significant factor that influences recruits’ decisions to join the company or not.

Your employees are the greatest assets. It is their hard work and enthusiasm that makes you a successful company. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your workforce is happy and satisfied with the company. Once you have hired a great candidate from Apply Up or other recruitment channels, make sure you provide a comfortable work environment to them with the strategies suggested above!

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