Apply Up is Now Available for Recruiters and Candidates on their Mobile Devices!

Texas, January 27, 2020 – Apply Up, a modern recruitment management solution, has launched on iOS and Android devices for employers and candidates to start their recruitment journey.
Apply Up is the news for revolutionizing HR processes and revamping recruitment and hiring for employers and candidates. It is a platform that connects employers and candidates for a perfect employer-candidate match. Its algorithm matches the skills required for job vacancies to the skills possessed by the candidates. Apply Up is a one-stop solution, offering an end-to-end recruitment solution.
In today’s digital times, traditional interviewing has become redundant. Apply Up offers an excluding recruitment experience through in-app audio and video interviewing facilities. Employers and candidates mutually choose a suitable time for interviews and schedule/reschedule interviews without any hassle. The platform is a dream come true for geographically dispersed employers and candidates. It also saves time and effort otherwise spent on traditional hiring processes.
“Apply Up revolutionizes the entire hiring process from start to finish. Apply Up brings employers and job seekers together to efficiently connect, by algorithmically matching their compatibility to one another. Our goal is to provide an effective and unique career matching experience that includes in-app solutions that will perfect all employment decisions.” – Ryan Young, CEO at Apply Up
Apply Up is now available on all iOS and Android devices, with an interactive and simple user interface to help users leverage the platform.