Jobs can be posted using the add jobs feature available on your dashboard. When you click on Add Job, a dialogue box will open, fill in the required fields and click Post Job. Once you follow the steps, your job will be posted.
The Job Boost feature is available on the Shop Upgrade options. The Boost Job feature is a paid feature. You can find your boosts in your account and apply them to the job posts you want to boost.
You can find the count of your applicants in your job applications tab.
The interview can be scheduled with the job seekers after you have accepted their application.
The reschedule interview option can only be used with the mutual interest of the job seeker and employer. Go to your scheduled interviews and request for a reschedule.
There are five subscription tiers. The free tier offers a trial of two weeks, after which you will need to move to one of the paid subscriptions. The paid subscriptions are inclusive of Basic, Expert, Pro, and Legend.
The upgrade features are available in the shop upgrades option. There are four upgrade options to choose from; Super Likes, Boosts, Top Matches, and Extra Contacts.
There are different reporting metrics that gives you the overall analysis and count of the jobs posted, applications received, interviews conducted, interviews scheduled. You can also see a graphical representation of the above-mentioned areas in a consolidated manner on your dashboard.
You can view the applicants’ profile once they apply for the job you have posted. The employers also have the accessibility to download job seekers’ resumes to find additional information about them.
No, the job seekers will not be informed that employers view their profile, unless the employers approach them.
All interactions will take place through the app. The employer will connect with the job seeker directly through the app after screening through the job seeker’s profile. You cannot initiate interactions with employers.
We understand that unfortunate circumstance may occur. You can reschedule the interview once via the app. Go to your scheduled interviews and tap on Reschedule Interview.
In the Profile section, select Upload Resume and attach your resume. The employers can download your resume if your skills match the skills required by the employer.
We have various affordable packages that you can choose from. Based on your requirements, subscribe to a package that best suits you, as per the allowed number of job applications.
The employer will contact you if your skills best match to that required for the job vacancy. We wish you good luck with your job hunt.
Apply Up does not have any hidden charges. We only charge for the subscriptions.
Shop Upgrades offer extra features, apart from the usual subscription package. You can buy them to boost your profile, improve your visibility, and increase your chances of getting noticed. Go to Shop Upgrades, choose a package, and make the payment.
No. You will not be notified when employers view your application. You shall be notified when the employer decides to schedule an interview.

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